Victorinox in Mall Of Antalya

Victorinox, which had left to produce a strong knife for swiss soldiers in the town Ibach of Switzerland during the WW I of 1884, is a swiss knife brand.
Victorinox in Mall Of Antalya

Thanks to its long guarantee period for the products and its background beyond a century, we see the Victorinox at top lanes in the world knife industry. It preserves both the traditional swiss design in its products and produces multi-functional products. The firm, which has known “Swiss pocketknife” at the most, is famous with multifunctional knives. There are Firm’s own exclusive designs as forester, swiss card, cyber tool 29, workchamp, rucksack, swisstool.

Victorinox in Mall Of Antalya

Besides Victorinox outdoor cutlery it is also an expert about kitchen knives which are unoxidizable and very sharp. If you want to have a Vixtorinox knife, you may check product varieties and own the products that suit you from SPX Mega store and Mall of Antalya Karspor.

Date: 08 / 09 / 2018
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