Theme Of 2019: ASPENDOS

Antalya governor's office determined the theme of 2019 to be 'Aspendos Year' with its rich cultural history.
Theme Of 2019: ASPENDOS

Aspendos Ancient Cityis one of the most significant cultural assets of Turkey known for its rich historical culture. The ancient city, founded by the Achaeans in 10th century BC,  is located in Belkıs village of Serik district of Antalya. Aspendos Ancient City, which has always had a significant position since it is located on the trade route, consists of structures such as agora, theater, stadium, city bath, cisterns and shops. It has been occupied so many times throughout history due to its location on the trade route. Aspendos, which minted coins with its own name in Anatolia, was founded by Argive colonists reaching Pamphylia after the Trojan War according to the Greek legends.

Known as one of the best preserved ancient theaters in the world, Aspendos Theater is built on the slope of the small hill in the region. The structure, dedicated to the Gods and emperors of the era, was designed by Zeno, son of Theodor. This sublime theater, drawing attention with its great acoustics, has a capacity to host 15 to 20 thousand people.

Aspendos Theater

And the most significant remains in Aspendos Ancient City after the theater are the aqueducts. These aqueducts, bringing water from the mountains in the north to the city, are 1 kilometers in length. The building, which is mostly preserved today, demonstrates the engineering skills of the era.

Aspendos Ancient City, which was also used during the Byzantine Period, was used as a caravansary during the Seljuk Period. The ancient city, visited by Atatürk in 1930 was restored upon Atatürk's request and was opened to public after restoration.

Date: 27 / 06 / 2019
Category: ART & CULTURE
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