Delicious Salads for being fit

When we speak of salads, occur mixture of seasonal greens, lemon and oil; but nowadays there are many kinds of salads changed our perception. Salads are appetizing, color and décor of the tables, they...

5 Ways to Stay in Shape While the Summer Season is Approaching

During the winter we did not care about the weight we eat as we wish, and we did not pay attention to the calories of what we ate. We did not notice the gain weight due to winter clothes did not show ...

Antalya Souvenir Gifts: 5 Gifts Preferred by Antalya Lovers

When you speak of Antalya, first comes to mind sea-sand-sun trio, Antalya's unique souvenirs and Antalya tastes are also famous.

Mall of Antalya Big Chefs Special Summer Menu for Antalya's Gourmets!

Mall of Antalya Big Chefs has created delicious summer menu with its infinite passion for taste and naturalness.
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