Are You Ready To Meet This Brand New Liquid Matte Lipstick That Will Get You Experience Chocolate Pleasure?

You will not be able to give up chocolate flavored Lore'al Paris Les Chocolats from the first moment you use it. Intense smell of chocolate as soon as you open the lid, its appearance on the lips, and its matte structure will blow your mind.
Are You Ready To Meet This Brand New Liquid Matte Lipstick That Will Get You Experience Chocolate Pleasure?

Now the appetizing flavor of chocolate is added to the liquid matte lipsticks, which last for long hours, are applied smoothly to your lips while providing comfortable use. Lore'al Paris' new Les Chocolats liquid matte lipsticks are candidates to be among the fixtures of your makeup bag with their ultra matte finishes, permanence up to 16 hours, easy application, and especially their charming fragrance. These lipsticks are suitable for all skin types and all ages. It is really hard to decide in this series all of which are beautiful!

Loreal 842 Candy Man

All Lore'al Paris Les Chocolats liquid matte lipsticks are in the nude shades of chocolate. And the lightest nude share in the series is the pink toned 842 Candy man.


Loreal 868 Cacao Crush

How about cherry? Doesn't this shade of incredibly delicious cherry dazzle you when it is mixed with chocolate? 868 Cacao Crush is especially the favorite for night make-up.


Loreal 864 Tasty Ruby

864 Tasty Ruby, reminiscent of blueberry chocolate, is the only red lipstick in the series. This vibrant red with cold shade is so beautiful that it will definitely turn all the attention to your lips.


Loreal 862

And if you want a more distinctive and assertive shade in orange, you can prefer 862. This color especially suiting the copper shade eye makeup is perfect for assertive lips.


Loreal 844 Sweet Tooth

This warm shade nude that will suit everyone provides an innocent influence. And another one among the lighter shares is 844 Sweet Toorh. This warm shade nude is ideal for zeroing the lips and to draw attention to the eyes..


Loreal Soğuk  Tonlar

If you want the gray shade nude to be more assertive, then! This is absolutely for you. This cold shade is especially suited to smoky eye makeup..


Loreal Mat Ruj Serisi

The applicator of Lore'al Les Chocolats ultra matte is rather handy; you are able to apply it to your entire lip and you can just follow the edges of the lip with the tip of the applicator. Incredibly permanent and extraordinary! You can buy Lore'al Les Chocolats liquid lipsticks with their amazing chocolate flavor and irresistible 9 colors at Gratis, Rossman, Kağan Perfumery and Watsons stores in Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Shopping Malls.

Date: 27 / 06 / 2019
Category: FASHION
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