Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Center Have Excelled in 2019

Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Centor, the biggest shopping mall and entertainment center of the Mediterranean was honored with '2019 Certificate of Excellence' of Tripadvisor.

Antalya Souvenir Gifts: 5 Gifts Preferred by Antalya Lovers

When you speak of Antalya, first comes to mind sea-sand-sun trio, Antalya's unique souvenirs and Antalya tastes are also famous.

Only A Few Days Left Before The New Year: Christmas Gift Suggestions from A to Z

A few days before the New Year with everyone as friends, acquaintances, lovers, found themselves in a rush to buy Christmas gifts.. What are the products we will often see in the New Year's shopping? ...

What Will Change in the Real Estate Industry in Antalya?

In the real estate industry, leading brands in Turkey have developed housing projects and took important steps on behalf of marketing. In Antalya, the real estate sector has been continuously improvin...

Victorinox in Mall Of Antalya

Victorinox, which had left to produce a strong knife for swiss soldiers in the town Ibach of Switzerland during the WW I of 1884, is a swiss knife brand.

Educational and Decorative 3D Puzzle Options Are Available at Mall Of Antalya Adore Toy Shop!

Small and large and colorful puzzle options which creates huge world in their imagination and in which everyone is interested in, are waiting for you at Mall of Antalya Adore Toy Store.
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