Happy 2018 Perga Year!

The governor of Antalya designated the theme of 2018 as Pamphylia's capital 'Perga Antique City'.
Happy 2018 Perga Year!

The ancient city of Perga which had once been the capital of Pamphylia region in the Aksu district borders, 18 kilometer away from the center of Antalya, dates back to the Bronze Age. Perga, one of the richest and most beautiful cities of the Hellenistic period in the ancient world, was also added to the UNESCO's Temporary List of World Heritage. The ancient city of Perga, which hosts many civilizations like Hittite Empire, Alexander the Great and Roman Empire has a very rich historical and cultural value.

Happy 2018 Perga Year!

Both the excavations and the restoration studies of the historical remains continue intensively in the ancient city which is exhibited in the Antalya Museum and where many unique works have been excavated. The antique city is attracting attention with works such as theater, stadium, agora, columned street, Hellenistic door and southern bath.

Date: 04 / 09 / 2018
Category: ART & CULTURE
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