Theme Of 2019: ASPENDOS

Antalya governor's office determined the theme of 2019 to be 'Aspendos Year' with its rich cultural history.

Every inch of Antalya: Places to Visit and See in Antalya

Antalya, south of Turkey, located on the Mediterranean coast, every year are accompanied by influx of foreign and domestic tourists. In this sense, it is one of the most important city for Turkish tou...

Antalya Souvenir Gifts: 5 Gifts Preferred by Antalya Lovers

When you speak of Antalya, first comes to mind sea-sand-sun trio, Antalya's unique souvenirs and Antalya tastes are also famous.

Only A Few Days Left Before The New Year: Christmas Gift Suggestions from A to Z

A few days before the New Year with everyone as friends, acquaintances, lovers, found themselves in a rush to buy Christmas gifts.. What are the products we will often see in the New Year's shopping? ...

Happy 2018 Perga Year!

The governor of Antalya designated the theme of 2018 as Pamphylia's capital 'Perga Antique City'.
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