5 Ways to Stay in Shape While the Summer Season is Approaching

During the winter we did not care about the weight we eat as we wish, and we did not pay attention to the calories of what we ate. We did not notice the gain weight due to winter clothes did not show our weights.
5 Ways to Stay in Shape While the Summer Season is Approaching

During the winter we did not care about the weight we eat as we wish, and we did not pay attention to the calories of what we ate. We did not notice the gain weight due to winter clothes did not show our weights. On the other hand summer season is approaching and we need to pay attention what we already eat to buy colorful t-shirts, patterned denim shorts and skirts adorned of the shop windows in Antalya. We need to act as long as possible and support this tempo by doing sports. For this reason, we explain the 5 ways to stay in shape that you cannot find anywhere else.

If you are bored with the recommended diet regimen programs and are not able to continuous sports halls even registered your name, the small tips we will give to stay in shape will be very useful. We recommend that you routinely practice your diet and sports habits and see them as part of your life for not wasted your sports and diet while staying in shape and keep up with these habits in healthy ways. 5 tips to make your life easier while keeping in shape…

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1. First of all, you should adapt your psychology for being healthy and you must prepare yourself and your thoughts. When you take your portions, instead of taking everything in the table, take your favorite food in less portions, thus you will change your eating habits and create your own motivation.


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2. After all-day hard work, we know that you want to spend the evening at home by eating snacks in front of the television. But no matter what, we would like to point out that you cannot blow off steam and tiredness by eating greedily. Unhealthy foods when you eat late in the evening will temporarily relax you, but in the long term will cause have more weight, an unhealthy body and a stomach with indigestion.

We recommend to you take advantage of the Antalya weather as much as possible after work, take for a walk, if you're thinking of staying at home, you can add color to your evening with a film that interests you. Instead of eat greedily, listening to your favorite music will also relax you.


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3. In addition to the previous article, unfortunately, we have news to upset only those who think that moving in the evening and walking will be enough for a healthy life. For those who are sitting still all day at the desk, taking a walk at least 100 steps, it will increase your frequency of movement during the day and will allow you to take a short break between your work intensity. These short walks during the day will help your soul and body by let air in.


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4. After preparing our psychology for diet and sports and creating our own motivation, the first condition of staying in shape is the water consumption which is the most important ingredient for our metabolism. We are at a point where we should listen to insistence on the water consumption we often hear from dieticians and experts. Because water consumption accelerates the metabolism, it directly contributes to burning excess fat in the body, shaping and slim down. So, how the water can do this?

In fact, the reason comes from our creation and it's obvious. The amount of water present in the human body is at average of about two-thirds of the body weight of the individual. For a person weighing 70 kg, this value is approximately 42 liters. The body's fluid need may vary depending on age, gender, body weight or physical activity. The loss of fluid during the day without being noticed from the skin and lungs constitutes half of the daily fluid cycle. This unrecognized fluid loss can vary according to many factors. This balance, which is different for men and women, increases with age as the person's age increases, even if all health conditions are at the normal level. Fatty tissue increase with decreasing water percentage and physical inactivity. For this reason, we need to increase our daily water consumption in order to balance the body water content with the spontaneous fat tissue in our body's structural formation. We need to consume at least 2.5 liters of water per day to keep fit and a healthy body. We recommend that drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day due to we cannot remove the loss of water with tea, coffee and cola drinks.


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5. We came to the latest and most important article… you can start eating salads in your meals because it is not possible to change your overall food consumption completely and at once. Salad is healthy and has many benefits to the body, as well as staying in shape will be your biggest helper. Salad consumption trick you should pay attention, your salads must be undressed and fat-free as much as possible. For this, we have listed the most healthy and delicious salads for you…

You can try the delicious Mediterranean Salad with Mediterranean greens, feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions, colored peppers, cherry tomatoes and olives at the Mall of Antalya Shakespeare.

Kale salad with quinoa; you can taste quinoa Kale Salad at Shakespeare which consists of slices of kale leaves, purslane, parsley, cherry tomatoes, green apple, cucumber, quinoa and orange.

An exquisite suggestion for fish lovers; Salmon Salad with Orange Sauce. Consist of Lettuce, salmon slices, black olives, red onions, cherry tomatoes, dill, capers and fresh orange sauce and allows you to stay in shape. You will receive 82% of your daily B12 need from salmon. You can try these fresh and healthy flavors at the Mall of Antalya Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro.

In order to stay fit and keep your health, we recommend that you firstly be happy and always smile, then follow the 5 tips to stay in shape before summer.

Date: 27 / 06 / 2019
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