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Delicious Salads for being fit

When we speak of salads, occur mixture of seasonal greens, lemon and oil; but nowadays there are many kinds of salads changed our perception. Salads are appetizing, color and décor of the tables, they...

Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Center Have Excelled in 2019

Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Centor, the biggest shopping mall and entertainment center of the Mediterranean was honored with '2019 Certificate of Excellence' of Tripadvisor.

How to Choose the Right Sport Tights?

Tights, which are the rather significant among sportswear, are generally chosen to please the visual taste. However, sports tights models to be preferred for correct exercise should be compatible with...

How Should Men's Skin Care Be Done?

Talking about skin cleansing products, only the cosmetic materials used by women come to mind. However, moisture balance of the skin is extremely important both for men and women.

5 Ways to Stay in Shape While the Summer Season is Approaching

During the winter we did not care about the weight we eat as we wish, and we did not pay attention to the calories of what we ate. We did not notice the gain weight due to winter clothes did not show ...

We Are Hailing Autumn With Mudo!

The weather started to cool, we are now literally hailing Autumn! Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Center Mudo Collection store is waiting for you to allow you to add the favorite pieces of the season w...

5 Impressive Hair Trends Waiting For You in This Summer

Do you want your look to be assertive and cool? So, this article is absolutely for you. Let us take you to our article to read about the hair trends that will mark the summer of 2019.

Are You Ready To Meet This Brand New Liquid Matte Lipstick That Will Get You Experience Chocolate Pleasure?

You will not be able to give up chocolate flavored Lore'al Paris Les Chocolats from the first moment you use it. Intense smell of chocolate as soon as you open the lid, its appearance on the lips, and...

Theme Of 2019: ASPENDOS

Antalya governor's office determined the theme of 2019 to be 'Aspendos Year' with its rich cultural history.

Every inch of Antalya: Places to Visit and See in Antalya

Antalya, south of Turkey, located on the Mediterranean coast, every year are accompanied by influx of foreign and domestic tourists. In this sense, it is one of the most important city for Turkish tou...
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