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Only A Few Days Left Before The New Year: Christmas Gift Suggestions from A to Z

A few days before the New Year with everyone as friends, acquaintances, lovers, found themselves in a rush to buy Christmas gifts.. What are the products we will often see in the New Year's shopping? ...

Trend Alarm with Patterns: This Winter From Top To Bottom The Plaid!

The meaning of the word Plaid has come from France and Scotland. It is the name given to kilt patterns used by Scottish clans.

Autumn Trend Alarm: Shoe choice in the mid-season

As we slowly leave 2018, we often see end-of-year discounts and end-of-season campaigns in the showcases of stores. As we talk about campaign, we should not forget to mention the discounted stores of ...

Back to School Excitement at Mall of Antalya

In the old days, everybody would get excited and every place would be bursting at the steams when the first week of school arrives. Aprons, shoes, stationery...

Summer Nails Colorful

A woman’s indispensable touch is her nailfingers. Well- groomed, polished, and elegant nails always attract attention. What about the nail cares?…

Genuine Wool: Cold Weather Conditions with Karspor Salewa

Thanks to the unique interior design of Karspor Salewa, you can adapt to winter sports with high technology products.

What Will Change in the Real Estate Industry in Antalya?

In the real estate industry, leading brands in Turkey have developed housing projects and took important steps on behalf of marketing. In Antalya, the real estate sector has been continuously improvin...

What Should be Considered When Choosing a School Shoe for Children?

The choice of the right shoe in the.transition of seasons, is very important forthe development of children's feet. Due to the sensitivity of the foot structures and the developmental phase of the ank...

This Summer Most Trend Top Suits in Kiğılı Deepo Outlet & Mall of Antalya

Kiğılı desings offer a lot of alternatives in line with your style seasonable following the world fashion, while offering ambitious products with different color options in its collections.

Hints to Make Your Choosing of Eyewear Easier

What should we pay attention to while choosing sun glasses, which are the most crucial and complementary accessory of the clothes and combinations in the summer? It is for your benefit to read this ...
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